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Tork1150 viewsThis is tork my lovely male red eared slider i got with great thanks to turtle sales
larry1137 viewshe's one of my newer turtle he live whith his sisters curly and moe yes the other 2 r girls but i like the name!! :P
Splashy535 views
Tork and Daisy1210 viewsTork and Diasy were either having a bonding "moment" or they were having a staring contest. :]
larry, curly and moe1218 viewstheys r cool and fun to watch swim!!! i love them, the top one is larry he is the boy then ther is curly and moe they r girls but the names fit couse they r so funny!
TerranceTheTurle1198 viewsFriendly Little Texas Map Turtle. Got to love the colors.
Squirt, Slice, and Chubbie.1175 viewsSquirt, Slice, and Chubbie.
9/26/20101219 views"Slicker" loves to come up on land when it rains
Three of a kind1230 viewsthree baby red ear sliders
rocky and ruby1186 views
rocky1172 views
rocky and ruby1217 views
rocky and ruby basking1184 views
9/26/20101203 viewsMy Florida softshell "Geo" for the evenly spaced tiny circles on his shell-lmpossible to see 'cause he loves his white sand.
Loves of my life!1219 viewstop left: Joey; top right: Hilo; Bottom left: Kona; Bottom right: Franklin

Franklin is the oldest and I found her crossing a road in Lincoln, Nebraska when I was 9 years old. My parents told me I could keep it for a week and now it has been 11 years. Joey was the second one I got and is about 9 years old. Hilo and Kona were named from cities in Hawaii because we got them when we got back from vacationing there. They came from the same group of hatchings and are about 7 years old, but yet the biggest!
9/26/20101208 views"Big Mama" chases us back & forth when mowing the grass
9/26/20101178 views"Olive" waiting for dinner.
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