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Splashy748 viewsAug 22, 2011
the tortoise dream land 709 viewsTucker the tortoise trying to eat lettuse Aug 17, 2011
big and small727 viewskiwi (at bottom) and yoshi(at top)Jul 15, 2011
Winifred723 viewsBorn Japanese, of course she has to look up English on a denshijisyou, electronic dictionary. She became bilingual thanks to mom.Jul 12, 2011
More Winifred720 viewsFunny turtle, always getting into trouble she was. Got stuck in glass looking for food. Wore herself out in her turtle ball. So much character.Jul 12, 2011
The Turtle Dog Fred740 viewsThis was my most beloved Fred, short for Winifred. She came from Japan and went back to Japan. She was babysat for a short while and in that short while, they lost her. Little kids must have terrified her. She was my baby and I miss her still. She slept under my pillow and on my futon. She came to greet me at the door when I got home. She took me for walks. In honor of my Fred! Let others see how much you were loved!Jul 12, 2011
TURBO15472 viewsJun 02, 2011
aquatic beauty9130 viewsJun 02, 2011
chillin9091 viewsJun 02, 2011
pensive9030 viewsJun 02, 2011
8820 viewsMay 24, 2011
Small, medium, and large9151 viewsSticking together. Wherever Kate goes Sawyer and Squirt Squirt follow. Really cool to see they were riding piggy back.May 18, 2011
Babies in their new home9194 viewsI have 3 baby red eared sliders, and they were hanging out together showing love and loving their new house. I made my own background for them. The are super fast and so fun to watchMay 18, 2011
Babysitting8926 viewsThis is our cat Sparkle watching our baby sliders. She lays in front or on top of the tanks and just watches. Her favorite time is when their are goldfish in the tank. She follows Kate around when she's out.May 18, 2011
Kate9059 viewsKate is a large female. When she is out of the water she loves to go go go! She is very sweet and loves to exploreMay 18, 2011
Turtle Love3806 viewsKate & Sawyer basking together, loving each other.May 18, 2011
Bear3567 viewsThis is my Russian tortoise Bear roaming around in my backyard, as you can see her left front side of her shell is fiberglass from when one of my dogs got loose and took a chunk out of the poor girl but she is healing nicely.May 15, 2011
Anais the turtle1605 viewsMy Mississippi map turtle shes 9 months.
Professional picture taken by me.
Apr 27, 2011
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